Sample Reports

The assessment tool produces three types of report; individual assessment reports, impact assessment reports and group reports. To help you better understand the power of the assessment tool a sample of each report has been provided below.

Reports are generated from report templates. The assessment tool provides three default report templates, one for individual assessments, one for reporting on learner progress and one for groups. The default reports provide ample data for most settings but our intuitive report designer allows you to build bespoke report templates for your setting.

All reports can be viewed online or downloaded as PDF files to your computer or device. For added security PDF reports can optionally be encrypted with a password of your choice.

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Individual Assessment Reports

Individual assessment reports give you a snapshot of your learners current state. Reports are automatically generated and available for viewing or download as soon as an assessment has been recorded.

Each individual assessment features customised targets for the learner based on your assessment scores.

Photos can be attached to support the assessment and to evidence learner progress.

Download Individual Assessment Report

Impact Assessment Reports

Once you have recorded two or more assessments for the same learner an impact report can be generated.

Impact assessment reports highlight the progress made by a learner between two chosen dates. These reports help you identify a learners areas for development and inform your future planning in supporting them.

Download Impact Assessment Report

Group Reports

Group reports support you in identifying trends or areas for development for specific groups of learners.

Learners are automatically placed in groups based on gender and summer born status. Learners are also automatically grouped based on the following indicators: Free School Meals, Pupil Premium, English as an Additional Language, Looked After Child and Special Educational Needs.

Custom groups can also be created allowing you to group your learners by year group, class or session.

Download Group Report

Report Branding

Reports can be customised to match your school or organisations branding.

Enter your organisation name, upload your organisation logo and select colours to match your brand identity for professional looking reports you can share with leadership, parents/carers and other stakeholders.

This sample shows the same report with two different sets of branding options.

Download Report Branding Sample

Please contact us with any questions or if you require further information.